Re: Flat Tax.

Chuck Kuecker (
Mon, 07 Jun 1999 06:40:33 -0500

At 07:47 PM 6/6/99 PDT, Zero wrote:
>>Doug gives details of a bill before Congress for replacing this monstrosity
>>with a flat tax of 17% on all income,
> That would raise my taxes 17%!!!
> Considering that the income tax is a hoax which people pay because they
>think that they have to, I strongly oppose such a flat tax.
> Unless, of course, it is also a hoax that I do not actually have

A hell of a hoax that can get you thrown in jail...

Let's scrap ALL the taxes, and the bureaucracies that go with them - replace with an universal sales tax, no exemptions whatever, on everything sold. Them what has the money and spends it, pay the biggest tax; them without pay little or nothing. For those on assistance, simply increase their dole by the amount of the tax. This follows the wealth generated in the economy exactly. If earnings drop, so does tax income.

Along with this, we need to force govt. to only spend what is collected. Any budget surplus should either be refunded to the people or put into a trust fund for emergencies.