Extro 4/Biotech Futures Conference--new speakers added

Max More (max@maxmore.com)
Sun, 06 Jun 1999 22:53:47 -0700

E X T R O 4: B I O T E C H F U T U R E S: Challenges of Life Extension and Genetic Engineering

Our roster of speakers just keeps getting stronger. Since my last update, we've added a few new participants (and there will still be a few more):

Dr. John H. Campbell of UCLA will give his expert perspective on human germline engineering advances. Dr. Campbell is both extremely knowledgeable about genetic engineering and enthusiastic about its potential for humans.

Dr. Ben Bova, author of the recent book "Immortality" will be speaking on some of the implications of extended life.

Dr. Christopher Heward will speak on "The Science of Aging Management". Those of you who came to the first two Extro conferences in 1994 and 1995 will remember Chris's highly informative talks and his biometrics idea. That idea has now become a highly organized and well-funded reality in the form of a company called Kronos. Biotech Futures will be the first public presentation of this innovative approach to individualized control of aging.

If you saw the three-hour PBS special on human life extension a few days ago, you'll have seen two of our speakers: Prof. Roy Walford of UCLA, and Prof. Judith Campisi of the Berkeley National Laboratory. I saw the first two hours and found it to be an extremely upbeat and suuportive program that covered the topic well. Our conference can make a real difference in continuing to move the public's attitudes in favor of extending life while intelligently planning ahead for the ramifications of this and genetic engineering.

I have uploaded an updated conference Program at


and will be uploading an updated list of speakers and accompanying bio in the next few days.

More updates soon.



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