Fear of Guns Vs. Fear of No Guns

Sun, 6 Jun 1999 19:46:29 EDT

What most people fear about non-registered guns is not Mr. Gun Owner shooting off kneecaps, or (no matter what people claim) insane people and maladjusted highschool Doomlord gamers shooting up middle America. "The Biggest Rational Fear" from *citizens* is if Mr. Gun Owner starts a lucrative business of RESALE of guns (to criminals).

They aren't as afraid of zealous Mr. Gun Owner himself, for he is "one of us"...(though you foreigners are right to fear him - remember the dead Japanese tourist who broke down on the highway and walked up to a home to call for help, Oops!! -- he thought "Freeze" meant "please" ?) .. MOSTLY what one SHOULD fear is the thousands of accidental shootings Mr. Gun Owner's kids incur (My uncle's boy had such an incident, and try telling a Native American that our government should be trusted to decide who carries guns). Regulation and Liscence comforts people, it represents control, weapons training, proper handling. But who should control? Big Daddy?

(...history showing that a govt' that disarms it's polulace turns despotic. Separation of church and state, right to bear arms.)

Which is scarier?

But guns are clearly out of control and our country is insane. We need to do SOMETHING.

If, after hearing that Mr. Gun Owner wants to shoot my kneecaps off for tasering him (or possibly for a less harmful but more humiliating activity like hitting him with a nerf ball, taking his twinkies or kicking him in the shins) I decide Mr. Gun Owner is a bad candidate to hand over a weapon to, what kind of force should I apply to, if not the govt.? A private agency? Looky Anarcho-Capitalists: a Private Entrepeneur Opportunity!!

How about: Mothers Against Gun Greedy Errant Rednecks (MUGGERS)??? ??