Re: kneecapping ( was: Re: Cryonics propaganda...)
Sun, 6 Jun 1999 15:00:14 EDT

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>Wow, I'm still boggled by your "shoot the kneecaps off" comment.
>Somehow this exchanges neatly sums up a difference I detect between *some*
>American extropians and *many* of the rest of us from other apparently
>similar countries such as Oz (and maybe Sweden). Granted that Mikey's
>remark is rhetorical overkill, still it's the kind of trigger-finger
>fantasy (I hope!) that frightens and depresses people raised in slightly
>different cultures.

Ahh, but the main reason gun laws are even on the table- it frightens people who were raised here too.. it's not your typical American eager to shoot your kneecaps off for small offense (certain regional exceptions may apply).