Online Romance

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Sun, 6 Jun 1999 06:43:57 -0400 (EDT)


I find the recent thread on online romances interesting. I have met (being on line as of almost 8 years now) past boyfriends, those I love, and my husband. In fact, those that I care most deeply about are found online.

There some issues that around brought up about such romances that should probably be addressed. We all know that the anonymity of being behind a computer instead of in front of someone's face, can lead to many things. Sometimes those things are great like, being more direct, being more vibrant, being less afraid. Other times it leads to, a desire to deceive.

Online relationships come and go it appears, but what most people forget is that they are truly no different than any other. Your relationship online or real time won't work if you do not share a core philosophy, optional values, personality, and similar outside interests. If you are looking for a mate in a sex channel on irc, or naughty chat on ICQ, or posting stories on sex new groups (as I have seen as the most often approach for getting a mate) you are most likely going to find SOMEONE. The problem is, we all know how to have sex, will that person know how to be the hero or heroine of your life?

Approaching online relationships should be as direct as those real time. Be yourself, look for the core philosophy first, give each other time to study consistency of each other, and have fun. I knew my husband almost a year and half before things ever went to a romantic level. Point being, online relationships CAN work, it is more about the people involved then the medium at hand.

Challenge me!

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