Re: META: How to survive reading this list

dwayne (
Sun, 06 Jun 1999 15:27:53 +1000

Eugene Leitl wrote:
> dwayne writes:
> > Let me know when you have it running, or if you need beta-testers. I
> > have several hundred meg of mail feed gathered over the last 10 years (I
> > archive everything, including early stuff on this list) and could use
> > some sort of app to make sense of it all (why I started archiving in the
> > first place)
> I'm afraid that my solution is Linux-specific. (Which is the reason I
> run that particular OS: a very stable system with lots of support and a
> plethora of excellent free tools available for downloading off the Net).

Oh hey, tell me about it. I use a linux system, this win98 computer is the one with the modem in it at the moment. I'm fairly operating-system-neutral, really, as all I need to do is get online, most of my life takes place in textland....

[tons of useful but redundant stuff deleted]

> If somebody knows a script (Perl or Python) capable of extracting
> url's from mailboxes _and_ testing them for validity I'd very much
> appreciate a pointer.

That doesn't sound to hard to write. I don't know perl or python but I can see a way to do it via grep and lynx, so it can't be too hard.

So, um, anyway, does this thing of yours work, or are you still working on it? My mail archives all sit on my linux box.



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