Unenforced Constitutional Clauses, WAS Re: property Rights

Raymond G. Van De Walker (rgvandewalker@juno.com)
Fri, 4 Jun 1999 21:39:57 PDT

Ron Kean Wrote:
>An interesting thing about the Constitution is how major provisions of
>the Constitution are seemingly ignored. The Second Amendment is an
>excellent example of this.

My favorite example is Article IV, section 4, which guarantees to states the
right of republican government.

Under my reading, "republican" means representative democratic government. Under this interpretation, federal administrative law is illegal!

It makes sense too. If we can't vote the lawmakers out of office, it's a tyranny.

So, federal regulations are illegal if they coerce states (and possibly state citizens) without formal representation of the populace as a whole.

This means EPA regulations, IRS regulations, FDA regulations, etc.

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