Re: Cryonics propaganda...

Michael S. Lorrey (
Fri, 04 Jun 1999 11:24:08 -0400

dwayne wrote:

> "Michael S. Lorrey" wrote:
> > > I'm not into this "eye for an eye" thing, I think you should sort your
> > > own shit out, and to that end I think you should avoid killing someone
> > > wherever possible, and avoid harming them wherever possible, etc.
> >
> > I concur wholly with this. The thing you are overlooking is that it is not always
> > possible now, is it?
> Sorry, I wasn't aware that we were meant to remain within the bounds of
> the possible here.

Whatever the hell that is supposed to mean besides an insult. Tell me, do you EVER read your local newspaper?

> > > I'd rather a population heavily armed with tazers, say, than machine
> > > pistols.
> >
> > I take the opposite view. Arming everyone with tazers that you know won't kill anyone
> > will make people shock happy, preferring to shock first and ask questions later,
> > because its easier than dealing with a confrontation and coming to a resolution.
> Hey, I'd rather be tazered by a drunk than your alternative.

What you'd rather be tazered by a mean drunk without response than to shoot the bastards kneecaps off?

> > Women will shock men at the end of a date cause they don't want to go through the
> > unpleasantness of telling the guy to buzz off and risk a bad response to the
> > rejection.
> a: your taste in women really sucks, dude.
> b: what a load of shit
> c: beats being machine-gunned.

d: with debating skills like this, its no wonder dwayne prefers getting tazered to getting shot, since one or the other is probably highly likely in his future. ;)

> > Making the consequences of employing force high forces people to deal with a
> > situation as well as they can FIRST without resorting to any force, whether it is
> > lethal or non-lethal.
> This assumes, once again, that people are always rational.
> When people are prepared to behave like adults, as I said, then sure,
> give em all tac nukes. But until then, I like the idea of a disarmed
> populace. It's a nice place to live.

It would be a nice place to live, if you could live in a society of irrational disarmed people that was governed by a government comprised solely by rational people. How likely is that?

Mike Lorrey