Mariko Mori?

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Fri, 4 Jun 1999 09:48:28 -0400 (EDT)

I was recently presented with the artist, Mariko Mori. A lot of her work represents a happy look at technology and the future. I was curious if any of you have seen her work, or know where I might find more gallery work of her on the web. I have seen a ton of homepages, but very few different pictures.

For those not familiar with her, my favorite work of hers is from a show/cd called "birth of a star." It is listed with the follow description:

the artist presents herself as a cyber-pop-star. The visual subtlety of the image, with its 3D-effect, is continued and reinforced on another level of sensory perception: a song, sung by Mori, seems to emerge from nowhere, and the exhibition space is transformed into a total work of art. She alludes to the traditional role of the Japanese woman, or shows herself as a "Girly" or a female Cyborg (half human, half machine).

If you need a reference point, if you have seen her work but didn't know her name, you can find a small sample at:

"Birth Of A Star" pictures are of her with white hair and glass looking eyes. Any information on finding more pictures would be great.

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