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> >This is SUCH complete bullshit. The Scots weren't locked up in chains
> >and carted off to the other side of the planet. To even attempt to
> >compare what happened to the scots to what happened to negroes is so
> >obviously fatuous as to render me, um, speechless.
> Listen, I just have to step in here. The word "negroes" is also often
> considered offensive, so be careful - you might want to practise what you
> preach. And I also think that a serious gaff was made, using the term "abo"
> and racism abounds here (as it does in most so-called polite societies). I
> believe it was inadvertant, which does not excuse it, BTW. You called
> bullshit on it, and he replied, stating his own ethnicity. I have called
> bullshit on so much racism and sexism on this list I can't even remember it
> all. I've even gone far as to yell "redneck" at people on this list. White
> is as white does, etc.
> However. The Scots history is far more closely comparable with the Native
> Amercian than the African American. They had chiefs, they had clans, they had
> tribes, all of which the British tried to stamp out. They were forbidden to
> dress in their own way and forbidden to speak their own tongue. They were
> dealt with very much like the First Nations here in the US. Sure they are
> white, and that somehow makes it seem less aggregious to many, for what
> follows is a more efficacious "integration" into European society. If you are
> brown you can't be as easily "assimilated".
> Oh.... and yes, Scots were locked in chains and carried off - to America. It
> was called the great deportation. It is a sad story. It is why so many white,
> as well as Native American people have Scottish ancestors.
> Love,
> Nadia

You're one smart and well-informed...ummm...person!

(The proverbial and dreaded Joe Dees, who is 3/8 Amerindian, and whose progenitors and relatives include the English spy and mage Dr. John Dee, and 2nd cousin Morris Dees, director of the Southern Poverty Law Center).