Re: more guns and guns and guns and guns and guns and guns

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> wrote:
> > I have been away from the list for over two years. I returned to see what was
> > the latest Extropian topic in nano, technology, creativity and other
> > futuristic realms, Yet this same topic - which clearly has two trajectories,
> > is being re-hashed over and over as nauseum. It was ongoing when I left. Just
> > like abortion, religion or taxation.. it continues ...wanking on and off and
> > on and off. Nothing changes.
> > Suggestion:
> > Why not spend time thinking up new and fresh debates?
> How about coming to a resolution, so the debate does not come up again?
> Mike

Exactly what I am working towards, but a solution determined by logic, reason and rationality, not absolutist and apocalyptic slippery-slope-domino-substitute-the-straw-man rhetoric, veiled or unveiled threats of list removal by people who have lied about your statements, or other logically fallacious and intimidatory devices.