Re: tasers and date rape ( was cryonic propaganda )

Randy (
Thu, 03 Jun 1999 17:58:24 GMT

On Thu, 3 Jun 1999 13:14:20 EDT, you wrote:

And just how the heck did "date rape" get into your message header? It ahd nothing to do with this thread. I refer you to the portion of Lorrey's message to which I replied:

>I take the opposite view. Arming everyone with tazers that you know won't kill anyone
>will make people shock happy, preferring to shock first and ask questions later,
>because its easier than dealing with a confrontation and coming to a resolution.
>Women will shock men at the end of a date cause they don't want to go through the
>unpleasantness of telling the guy to buzz off and risk a bad response to the

Nope, no date rape there.....
This is just some bizarre scenario proposed by Lorrey wherein instead of dealing with a slightly unpleasant brushoff when asked to return to his apartment, or perhaps in order to pre-empt a request for another date, the woman would simply taser her date....

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