Re: Re: FAQ: (was guns and guns and guns and guns)
Thu, 3 Jun 1999 13:02:24 EDT

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>Today most of the original members are
>long gone, seemingly replaced with Borganists who want to forcibly
>reprogram people to turn the Earth into "Happy Fluffy World"

So you say that your with Libertarians or you're socialist.. no in betweens, no grey areas.. thats the main problem I have with both Objectivists and Libertarians. They see no value in any thing that isn't 100 percent black and white.
No one fears the Borg more than I - and it is extremely insulting to assume that because I find Libertarians old fashioned and rigid, that i support the Borg.
Or that anyone else who disagrees with YOU, automatically agrees with Stalin. Just like when people assume you agree with Hitler, or calls you fascist. You know how irritating that argument is.
Same Shoes, different Dancer...