FAQ: (was guns and guns and guns and guns)

Thu, 3 Jun 1999 03:26:14 EDT

I have read the FAQ.
Nowhere does it say that Extropians MUST be Libertarians. In fact I know many who are not. This is good. Especially if we claim we are in favor of spontaneity and *individualism*. I am adverse to any sort of rigidity. Some Extropian's values help me to embrace limberness of mind and flexibility of character. Others do not. Besides, no matter what your politics, any repetitive rhetoric stifles creative thinking. If it says I have to approve of *any* current political agenda to be an Extropian, or to be on this list, I have DEFINITELY misunderstood the FAQ.

In a message dated 6/2/99 10:14:16 PM, you wrote:
>> I'm certainly not a libertarian, I think they are dangerous fanatics,
>> > but I'm on this list.
>> Then I suggest you read the FAQ and other info at the extropy.com site.
>Point taken.