Re: sci-fi/comedy

Spike Jones (
Wed, 02 Jun 1999 23:15:36 -0700

Star Trek 4 had some great lighter moments, such as:

  1. Spock nerve pinching the obnoxious punk rocker
  2. Spock's mastery of 20th century American slang:

-Kirk: How long until impact Mr. Spock? Spock: Approximately one damn minute, captain.

3. Scientist, picking up the tab for the pizza: I suppose now you're gonna tell me no one has money in the 23rd century? Kirk: We dont!

4. The final scene with the normally stone faced crew splashing about and yukking it up in the San Francisco Bay.

Hilarious! At times I feel our list needs a bit of lightheartedness mixed with the heavy science/technology/political ragings. Please, what is the point of extending our lives if we are not having fun?

I do hope every one of you had access to some PBS station and caught the three hour "Stealing Time" special. {8^D spike

Ralph Lewis wrote:

> try "The Last Days of Man on Earth" a twisted sense of comedy may be
> needed...

I have that. {8^D spike