Re: SETI team needs you (well, your computers)

Chuck Kuecker (
Wed, 02 Jun 1999 22:15:27 -0500

At 08:02 PM 6/2/99 -0400, Brian Atkins wrote:
>We are off the top 100 list again by just a few units. If we
>could get 10 more people to join up that would be great! Hit
>up your friends :-)
>Join the ExI/>H SETI team today:

I got the code from the Seti@Home home page - I could not get past the password page on the Extopian page you list. Is there some easy way to get creditied against our team, rather than individually?

My 300 MHz laptop ran a data unit in 48.5 hours - but did not put anything in the 'data units completed' slot when I reconnected to Seti@Home. Did I do something wrong? How long does the program need to remain online with Seti@Home - is there any way to tell when it's safe to log off? It looks like it's redoing the same data set over again.

Chuck Kuecker