Re: jeff's cyborg cells

Spike Jones (
Wed, 02 Jun 1999 19:27:20 -0700

> spike wrote: What a wonderful temperature controlled environment
> > we could supply to some meticlorians, should they choose
> > to reside within us. spike
> Billy Brown wrote: Sorry, but it won't be that easy. Living tissue can be
> severely damaged by
> even very modest amounts of excess heat. Implanted devices
are limited to
> radiating <2 mW per square cm of surface area, and I expect nanotech
> devices would face the same constraint.

With this I agree. I imagined that the meticlorians would devour one hundredth

of one percent of the ATP, releasing almost negligible heat. Im thinking waay less than 2 mW/cm^2. More like a microwatt/cm^2. The host would never notice. spike