Re: Cryonics propaganda...

Spike Jones (
Wed, 02 Jun 1999 18:55:00 -0700

Michael S. Lorrey wrote:... If it is seen as common that all

> are immortal, and that immortality is some sort of right, would not imposing
> death of any kind be seen as too excessive to allow as a punishment for a crime
> or for a defense against a criminal in the act. Thoughts, anyone?

Mike, the thing that concerns me more than this is the notion that if some of us achieve immortality (or greatly extended lifespans) through extreme effort, cost and discipline, that we would be targeted by those who choose short lifespans. Look around you: most people choose to shorten their own lives in one way or another. I ride motorcycles, way too quickly, for instance. In general, people eat terribly unhealthfully, drink way too much, *smoke* tobacco still, among other life shortening habits. I could easily see how some misguided, deliberately short lived person would see an immortal as a threat to mother earth, or some such foolishness, and would try to identify and kill us. spike