Approximating Hypothetical Beowulfs

Chandra Patel (
Wed, 02 Jun 1999 20:52:58 GMT

Hello list!

I'm trying to develop a formula to predict the Linpack benchmark rating of a Beowulf. To make it easy I assume all nodes have the same processor type and the same bus and memory specifications. The factors I've identified so far are:

  1. processor type (speed, flops rating, etc.)
  2. memory (subfactors include memory access time, cache speed and size)
  3. Ethernet capacity (throughput)

To remain sane, I'm disregarding operating system type assuming its running Redhat). I'm also assuming the Beowulf admin software is not a factor (assume Grendel). I'm ignoring disk drive speed also.

I think there are enough data points to do some rough approximation with simple simultaneous equations but I need to determine if I've considered all the factors.

If anyone can identify other factors please let me know. Optimally, I want to produce a formula that will let me generate an approximation of what an X node Beowulf with Y, Z, etc. characteristics will benchmark. I'll scale the formula so there will be diminishing returns over time. Anyway, thanks in advance for any assistance.


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