Re: Possible huge business

Sasha Chislenko (
Wed, 02 Jun 1999 16:27:04 -0500

At 09:42 PM 6/1/99 , Brian Atkins wrote:
>Yeah I think it's interesting because if you did pay people
>for rights to their ideas (just like movie studios pay writers
>for their scripts), then very quickly you might end up with
>a bunch of people (just think about how many screenplay writers
>are out there) just coming up with all kinds of ideas (of course
>most of them are crap) in order to make money. So it might
>stimulate ideas in general.

It would stimulate generation of small ideas, but inhibit their discussion which often leads to bigger ones. So maybe the inventors should not be fed after all. I wanted to model these processes, but wasn't funded enough...

I heard only of IdeaLabs, and there were also talks on this list, but there is nothing really working yet as far as I know.

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