Re: SPACE: Mir Today, Gone Tomorrow

Gina Miller (
Wed, 2 Jun 1999 10:47:01 -0700

They have stated a lack of fund. A short time ago a self proclaimed business man was willing to fork out some great amount of money in exchange for a ride on MIR, but was discounted as a fraud. This guy had been in trouble before (this had somehow gone un-noticed until late), and now states, he promised no money's. In any case, the money isn't there. And he was terminated from any project dealing's.

>CountZero [] wrote:
>>For real, it costs too much getting stuff out the hole to let something
>>of even marginal utility fall back in.
>So why is no-one willing to pay the hundreds of millions of dollars
>to keep Mir in operation?
>Perhaps its utility is far less than you think...
> Mark