clone clone of my own

Spike Jones (
Tue, 01 Jun 1999 21:11:26 -0700

> Gina Miller wrote: Scientists in Hawaii have cloned a trio of identical
> mice...

Extropians, please, o writhing amoeba of arcane knowledge, I beseech you to grant me a cloning question:

Was there a wacky movie in the mid 1970s, I think with Woody Allen, about cloning? Its been a bunch of years since I saw it, and I was in my early teens, but I dimly recall the Woodster was a time traveller (or something) and he ends up in the future where the world dictator (?) was blown up and only his nose survives. Woody steals the nose and hurls it under a steam roller to prevent the scientists from cloning cells in the nose in order to resurrect the dictator.

Could I have dreamed all this? Or was there such a movie?

Seems like there was a lot of talk about cloning back in the 70s, then nothing in the 80s, and now its back with a vengeance. spike