Re: capicity for violence = less violence? [was Re: Security]

Chuck Kuecker (
Tue, 01 Jun 1999 20:24:40 -0500

At 03:18 PM 6/1/99 -0400, Mike Lorrey wrote:
>A friend of my father and me is the VP of Sturm Ruger, Inc. His uncle has a
>collection of 25,000 guns (really). My friend is the sole beneficiary of this
>man's Will. How do you propose that my friend can inherit this collection
>legally, even though not one has ever been used in a crime, nor has my friend
>ever commited a crime, and the collection is kept in a sub-basement of a
>that has a bank-style combination lock vault door on it???

Obviously, this is not a case of someone walking into a gun shop and ordering 25,000 pistols or rifles. The law, if any, should be so written as to allow SOME common sense to be used in its' enforcement.

Yeah, I know, dream on. Personally, I don't want anyone telling me how to spend my money. The insidious thing about all this gun regulation talk is that it starts to make some views sound palatable on first hearing, until someone else points out a fallacy. It is easy to assume the worst when presented with a scenario like multiple gun purchases. I imagine that the spin doctors do this on purpose to warp more people into their way of thinking.

Chuck Kuecker