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> > Did you read my post to Chuck concerning rational and reasonable
> > laws for the purpose of keeping guns out of the hands of the
> > dangerously irresponsible? If so, what was your opinion of it? If
> > not, why not?
> If someone is DANGEROUSLY IRRESPONSIBLE, why are they walking around
> unsupervised? Shouldn't they be in some kind of institution? Or at
> the very least, have a baby sitter?

A good question with no easy answer; it is nevertheless true that many such people are not only walking around, but doing so legally armed; this is indeed the current state of affairs in the US. What is amazing to me is the amount and emotional intensity of the kneejerk defenses for such a clearly unacceptable status quo I have encountered on this list, rather than a cooperative effort to solve this common problem which does no one any good and puts us all at risk of harm.