Re: Cyborg cells
Tue, 1 Jun 1999 13:05:41 EDT

In a message dated 99-06-01 04:43:48 EDT, (Anders Sandberg)write:

> Sure. But the body has a very nifty "checksum system" where proteases
> cut out samples of present proteins and present them on the surface
> for the immune system to react to (forgot which TLA the protein was)
> just for this reason. That might cause a reaction to the nanodevices.

Possibly. But with these intracellular parasites, the checksum system can't get access to the immunogenic proteins, because they're locked up inside the parasites. They're largely restricted to proteins the parasite secretes. If the nanodevices secrete little, they'll have a very weak signature.

>> You could put some of the nanodevices into the immune clonal deletor cells
>> induce tolerace, although I don't know how long that would take.

>Might be good for children born with internal nano, at least.

Works for mice with fetal viral infections; they tolerate the viruses.