Re: Guns [was Re: property Rights]

Michael S. Lorrey (
Tue, 01 Jun 1999 12:46:01 -0400

> Donny,
> The first time I can remember being impressed by God was around 1976. I was
> asked to leave where I lived (I think) and was writing in my journal "Oh
> God, what will I do now?" The 'Oh God' was just an expression but a spirit
> asked me "Are you really talking to God?" My response was "I'll take help
> from anywhere I can get it, so I'll accept help from God." About a year
> later, I was in another self-induced crisis. Some spirit told me to seek God
> again. Now, in all these cases, the leading is ephemeral, and I don't see
> that problem ever going away in Christianity. So, we'll always be able to
> say it was a figment of my imagination or some other god. But this leading
> process did lead me to the God of the Bible. It is often an inner sense you
> get. I've always felt that God should really get in the business of sending
> Christians more explicit messages in a less error-prone manner. Fed-Exs
> would be fine by me! But we're not going to get that. We have to live with
> the Bible and the wisdom God provides as we seek him.

Cut it out with the preaching; we don't want to hear it. I am, however, interested in your claim that spirits talk[ed] to you. Could you explain, being very descriptive, the complete encounter? What did you hear, see, smell, etc. What was your physical condition at the time (were you tired, ill, etc.). Most of the people on this list aren't going to believe that you actually communicated with spirits, especially not by you just claiming you did. Where is your proof?