Re: STOP IT! Re: Guns [was Re: property Rights]

dwayne (
Tue, 01 Jun 1999 16:42:41 +1000

Eugene Leitl wrote:
> How long is this to go on? Don't you people realize that you are
> causing people to unsubscribe, due to sheer post volume?
> Unfortunately there is no unsubscription feedback, otherwise you'd see
> you're killing the list. Didn't you notice? It never fully
> recovers. Negative selection: the best people don't come back. See
> archives for proof.
> Please take this off-list. NOW.
> And let's declare future gun debates off limits.

Hey, I am 10000000000000000% behind Eugene as far as this goes.  I first
subscribed to this list in 1993 I think. Maybe 1994. I have only ever lurked because this place is a sinkhole of gun nuts and radical capitalists, and I get enough of that on Usenet. I regularly subscribe and unsubscribe. If there were more reasoned discussion and less naked aggression and argument, I'd probably write a dozen messages a day, but I don't because there's not enough wheat to make the chaff palatable.

This list used to be an ASTOUNDING place for people thinking about the future. It was one of the reasons I used to feel that my life had been greatly enriched, even *blessed* by access to the internet. Seriously, it was that good and made that much of an impression on me. Now it comes across as some patriotic US flag-waving forum, you know, just another email list, instead of one of the intellectual high-water marks of the internet, which it used to be. Hell, I got email from Marvin Minsky after I wrote something to this list. I wonder if he is still subscribed? I'll bet he isn't, and it won't be because he is too busy, I'll bet.

And yes, I know that *isn't* what it is, so calm down. But that is how it comes across to non-americans. Perhaps you might care to do something about it? It's your list, after all.