Re: POLL (was re:guns)

dwayne (
Tue, 01 Jun 1999 15:47:28 +1000

Chuck Kuecker wrote:
> Enough of the flames. I am only interested in serious discussion.

bu tit is a discussion which never, ever ends here, and is of only limited relation to the ideas of extropianism, I feel.

> What is a good guideline for quoting? It seems that you need enough so that
> a new reader at least can see where the thread came from.

Most guides suggest reading the list for a few weeks before hopping in. I used to know someone who never, ever quoted, as she felt it was rude of you to not remember what she was talking about. I can see her point.

I get a *lot* of mail every day, and I'll wager at least a third of it is unnecessary quoting.