Re: Our SETI team needs more members

dwayne (
Tue, 01 Jun 1999 15:39:45 +1000

Brian Atkins wrote:
> One trick you might try is this (if you are running some form
> of Windows): when you notice your computer being slow, do an
> alt-tab to see if it shows up as a task. If so then you are
> running it the wrong way. You don't want it to show up there,
> or else it will be running constantly, even when you are doing
> something else. What you want is to just have it set up as your
> screen saver, and also showing up as the little green thing in
> your taskbar tray.

This depends on your system, I have a PII/266 with 64 meg of RAM and it doesn't appreciably slow my system down when it is running constantly. Faster systems will find it fairly unobtrusive, I think.