subject line discipline

Spike Jones (
Mon, 31 May 1999 16:16:18 -0700

> Spike Jones writes: If we have discipline
> > with the subject line, all posts should be allowed. spike
> Eugene Leitl wrote: I disagree. The people who post excessively are exactly
> those who
> don't maintain subject line discipline. And why should the workload of
> filtering be shifted to the _readers_?

This is a tough problem, one which is nearly identical to a previous experience on this list. We could cut and paste a three week section of the archives from last fall, and no one would notice.

Elizabeth's party analogy is good in that the amount of time I have to read extropians varies daily. Some days I need to delete everything unread, other days I have time to read even some of the gun rants. {8^D

I wish I knew why that particular subject (guns) nukes this particular list. The best I can suggest is to repeatedly ask politely, everyone use subject line discipline, *especially* when talking about tired old topics. And, newbies, take a few hours to peruse the archives.

Question: does it cost the money to handle the heavy message load when the gun virus hits? Is it charged per message? spike