Re: Guns and psychedelics

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Mon, 31 May 1999 11:55:31 -0700

Ecstacy, wasn't discovered, it was made, and it was made from a combination of an earlier synthetic drug (krank) and a hallucenogenic. The eirlier drug, krank, ( a man made speed) is what was used by the german military. Not exctacy, it wasn't made yet.
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>My friend noted that as Ecstacy was discovered in 1912
>in Germany, its fast proliferation in the ruling class
>would make the Germans assert the glory of their culture
>by supporting arts and poetry and sharing their technological
>skills with other nations. The world wars wouldn't have
>happened. Granted, MDMA might adversely affect one's
>memory, but I believe concentration camps caused more health
>loss. I wonder if anybody studied the reduction of violence
>caused by MDMA use.
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