Anders Sandberg (
31 May 1999 16:22:17 +0200

Brian Atkins <> writes:

> Familiarity breeds contempt ? It might be interesting to mod
> the list software to completely strip all identifying marks
> from posts so that you couldn't tell who wrote them.

Still, people react to views strongly too, so even if I don't know who anon4711 is I can still flame him/her/it.

> Seriously, it seems the only solution is to keep the size
> down... if it gets big enough, break it up into multiple
> lists.

Yes, this would likely work. But it has many drawbacks, since the activity on a list is self-supporting: if there is a lull for some time, it tends to persist since people are not cued by postings to post themselves. Having a large, active and fairly stable list is something relatively rare; a set of smaller extropians1, extropians2, ... extropians n lists would likely lead to less production of exformation even if the number of flamewars would be much lower.

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