J. Neil Schulman's Response to Professor Kent

Matthew Gaylor (freematt@coil.com)
Mon, 31 May 1999 09:40:16 -0400

From: "J. Neil Schulman" <jneil@mediaone.net> Reply-To: jneil@pulpless.com
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To: Edward Kent <ekent@brooklyn.cuny.edu> CC: Matthew Gaylor <freematt@coil.com>
Subject: Re: Brooklyn College Professor Challenges Professor Lotts Statistics

Dear Dr. Kent,

I apear to have been invited into this discussion by Matthew Gaylor. If you're not familiar with my books and other writings on firearms-related issues, you're
probably not going to accept that I know more about this subject than you do. But
I do and you should.

The criminological research proving that guns are much more frequent in stopping
criminal invasions and tragic consequences than in enabling such is so indisputable to anyone who isn't dishonest or operating on a hidden agenda as to
make your opening assertions a billboard that you haven't done your homework.

I've given up debating this issue; it's too wearing. I write books then move on to
other topics so I don't have to endlessly rehash the same subjects.

If you actually give a damn about the truth about guns, I recommend that you consult my book Stopping Power: Why 70 Million Americans Own Guns. You can buy the
new paperback edition on Amazon.com. There's a reading list at the end of my book,
in case my book leaves you unsatisfied.

Otherwise, understand that by making unsupported assertions about a subject you haven't spent any time researching will only discredit your scholarly abilities in
the minds of anyone who has.


J. Neil Schulman.

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