Re: Guns at school

Chuck Kuecker (
Mon, 31 May 1999 08:09:09 -0500

At 02:28 AM 5/31/99 EDT, EvMick wrote:

this was in reaction to a suburb of chicago banning guns totally.
>The chicago sub had a tremendous rise in crime..the town in georgia had a

Oh, yes - my old home town of Morton Grove. They had something like one shooting in ten years. Oak Park followed suit, also banning private ownership of nuclear devices, even such inoffensive things like breeder reactors and power plants. They have signs on the city limits declaring Oak Park a 'nuclear free' zone - got to wonder if that includes radiation therapy and food sterilization.

So far, I have not witnessed any reports of gross increases in crime in either city, but Oak Park borders on the west side of Chicago, which is not the safest place in the world. Perhaps the media does not want to point out the downside of the laws...

Chuck Kuecker