Re: dr suess on the loose...

Elizabeth Childs (
Sun, 30 May 1999 09:01:33 -0700

Interesting how so many superheroes gained their powers in some kind of accident that would probably be repeatable. For example, Peter Parker was working with nuclear material and there was an accident that combined him with a spider, right? Well, couldn't that be reproduced? It's a classic serendipitous discovery, like finding out that the mold growing on your petri dishes kills bacteria. It should be possible to figure out the methodology that could make everyone who wanted to be a SpiderTransHuman.

On something of a tangent, does anyone has any idea what the mythic justification for all the secret identities is? Why is it so important that nobody know that Clark Kent is Superman? Why is this such a universal feature of superhero myths?

Eddie Sullivan wrote:
> You're wrong man...Underdog took a pill...very Extropian, plus Underdog
> was the poet superhero so his mind was aesthetically developed
> Spike Jones wrote:
> > >Elizabeth Childs wrote:... was recently asked whether I thought the
> > >future would be more like Blade Runner or like Star Trek. My vote?
> > >It'll be more like Marvel Comics.
> >
> > Thanks Elizabeth. This is why I always liked Batman better than
> > Superman or any of the others: because Batman and his youthful
> > ward Robin used only technology. Neither they, nor their foes
> > had supernatural powers. Just technology. I always wished Simon
> > bar Sinister would win out over Underdog, because Underdog
> > had supernatural powers, whereas Simon used only science and
> > technology. Too bad he was evil. {8^D spike