Re: Guns at school

Sasha Chislenko (
Sun, 30 May 1999 05:26:06 -0500

There have probably been precedents...

What was the average age of first gun ownership among the early white settlers and Indians in America? I read lots of reports about the Third world armies recruiting kids from like 8 years old and up. There are probably way more teens in the third world openly carrying guns than adults in the U.S. How many cases of mass shooting are there? Considering that we live in the most civilized country in the world (yeah, right!) with kids having a lot more knowledge of engineering and social issues, facing more serious law enforcement, and less exposed to direct displays of extreme violence, the chances in U.S. must be much, much lower.

If, on the other hand, the Third World teens are more mature and able to carry firearms (they definitely do carry other weapons), maybe that's because they haven't been infantilized by overprotective governments?

I am still not sure about the teens, but in general, it seems that the American population is becoming increasingly infantile, paranoid, and neurotic under the protective shield of the government, with adult people scared of making eye contact in the street, many of them getting lazy and fat, sitting among historically unprecedented resources, nursing ridiculous irrational worldviews, watching dumb soap operas and complaining that the society doesn't sufficiently motivate them to learn and exercise.

How many of such people do you see in the Third World?

We may mourn a small group of kids who died from the shooting spree, and forget that the state protection needed [?] to decrease chances for such accidents, already make most of the population rot alive, without being aware of it. And then these people vote for more protection because they are scared and lost.

I was recently surprised to learn that hitch-hiking is now ILLEGAL in the "free" state of New York - and, apparently, in many other states. Any other country that has this rule?

Where should we draw the lines of "protection"?

If there is a town where all citizens agree to give guns to their kids, would the government allow it as an experiment?

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