Re: capicity for violence = less violence? [was Re: Security]

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Subject:        	capicity for violence = less violence? [was Re: Security]
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> > I'm actually curious as to where you get your information. If someone has
> > the ability to use violent force, they are going to be less violent? I
> > don't see how this is logical.
> hehe hmmm... so whaddya think of martial artists? are we more likely
> to be violent? how does that fit in to this? and whats the diff
between an
> average martial artist and an average guy with a gun?
Hmmm...howzabout the ability to kill a dozen people at a hundred yards in ten seconds (supposing black-beltish marksmanship
> i think the main diff is education. many martial artists, like many
> legal gun owners, know what their doing, and how to do it, and what it does,
> and what the reprocussions of using their violence are. they are not ignorant
> about their ability for violence. ergo, they are more likely
to be
> intellegent in their use of violence... and i think that makes all the
> difference.
If they're responsible, I have no problem with them keeping and bearing, but if they have been legitimately identified as irresponsible, they should have to relinquish.

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