Re: POLL (was re:guns)
Sat, 29 May 1999 17:15:16 EDT

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> How many people are sick of the guns flamewar, at least for now?

I'm not reading the guns topic much...that's not to say that i don't think it shouldn't be discussed....I've just heard it all I'm not much interested right now.. personally I'm pro-gun...I don't actually own a gun...but if I wanted to I'd like to be able to...maybe a quad fifty?
> Also, how many would like to see:
> --minimal quoting of prior messages in the aforementioned flamewar?

yup...that would be nice...but difficult to implement...sometimes I don't ever see the original quoting is the only way to see what is happening..

> --at the very least, a decrease in profanity & assertions concerning the
> moral, mental & genetic shortcomings of the opposition by both sides in
> the aforementioned flamewar?

I agree here..

Salt Lake City, Utah