Re: retrograde technologies?
Sat, 29 May 1999 17:04:54 EDT

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> The latest Star Wars episode made me wonder: can technology
> go backwards? They seemed to imply technology was going
> violently aft. Can anyone think of an example, now or in any time
> past, where a society had it and later didn't? Descended from
> enlightenment to superstition? Would dark ages Europe qualify? spike

I'm not absolutely sure about this..but I think that Japan discovered gunpowder a loooooong time ago. They supressed it. The reasoning was that their culture was based on the Samurai....swordsmen. A swordsman is not much good against a gunman.

Later of course they ran up against a culture which had not suppressed gunpowder and were dogmeat. The moral of the story being survival of the fittest. Fittest being the biggest boys with the biggest toys...

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