Re: Yeah, guns and guns and guns and guns
Sat, 29 May 1999 15:23:22 EDT

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> Fine, but a mailing list without political discussion is. I, for one, am on
> this list for the optimistic techo-futurism orientation. Not for 20th
> century political debates.

im listening. i think that if this (gun control) debate cant be solved here, it probably wont be solved anywhere... and i think it should be solved. somebodys opinion has to be more right, and i say we figure out what opinion that is.

fuck this "lets just ignore this freedom/security question cuz it adds a few more items to my inbox" shit! there is a problem here, and i think it can be resolved, here and now. i think a course of action can be resonably agreed upon.

let evidance be presented! let sources be cited! let arguments be, um, argued! shit, even let the flames be thrown! i dig seeing things like joe's wordsmithery even if i dont agree with the points all the time...

i guess i have no problems with insults, because rational people should have nothing to fear from them, and so should be able to solve problems while giving and recieving em right n left... (eg bustamove 4, arhat ;) and i have reason to think that those involved in this debate are, at rootshell, pretty rational people.

tech? fuck yea, tech is woderfull... and talking about it is neccassary. but if youve got a tool and ya dont know how best to use it, youve gotta problem. thus, politics.

really diggin 'skycar' concept, sayke