Re: POLL (was re:guns)
Sat, 29 May 1999 12:06:17 EDT

I'm out of town until Monday and on the run, but feel compelled to respond to this post:

In a message dated 99-05-29 08:04:46 EDT, (James Ganong) wrote:

> Well, we've polled for birth order & Myers-Briggs ratings, so how about:
> How many people are sick of the guns flamewar, at least for now?

Count me in the "sick of it" category.

> Also, how many would like to see:
> --minimal quoting of prior messages in the aforementioned flamewar?

I would.

> --at the very least, a decrease in profanity & assertions concerning the
> moral, mental & genetic shortcomings of the opposition by both sides in
> the aforementioned flamewar?

Not only would I support such a reduction, but as soon as I have some time, intend to take steps to enforce the list guidelines all subscribers have agreed to when joining the list.


The list guidelines clearly prohibit personalistic attacks and the kind of offensive rhetoric I've seen in the sampling of the recent gun debate I've seen. There have been enough complaints about it that I consider ExI's Board to have freedom of action to notify offenders of list suspension.

As a lawyer and someone interested in social issues (including politics), I believe this list IS a proper place for reasoned and civil discussion of social issues. But offensive language and personalistic rhetoric does not have a place here. This limit on behavior is clearly set out in the subscription terms. List suspension is our only real sanction -- so folks who have engaged in offensive and personalistic rhetoric, please consider yourself on notice.

> I'll tally the data.

Thank you, James.

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