RE: Guns [was Re: property Rights]

Chuck Kuecker (
Sat, 29 May 1999 08:06:44 -0500

At 11:04 PM 5/28/99 -0500, Joe Dees wrote:

>> How can one show the ability to defend oneself unless there is some clear
>> sign that the means to do so are present? Talk is cheap. Having the gun
>> present may be all that is needed to prevent a situation where violence
>> would occur.
>Just exactly how is someone with a concealed weapon "showing"
>such an ability?

I should expand: I am in favor of those who pass a licensing test, and meet the other criteria of gun ownership, to carry UNCONCEALED weapons, just as police officers do. Along with this would be a quasi-deputy-cop position, similar to the volunteer fireman we have in many areas. These people would have all the responsibilities of the police as to when and if they shoot. Unconcealed carry is legal in some areas already - Arizona comes to mind - and I don't recall many problems being related to it getting into the national news.

Concealed weapons obviously do not become a factor in any encounter until they are drawn, or at least made visible. My fuddled brain at work there..

>The fact that you're a stranger, who might well be a violent criminal
>or a lunatic AND legally armed (if a lot of the full mooners here have
>their way) should be enough to chill the typical spine, which I would
>be loathe to turn in his/her direction for fear of being backshot. If I
>had legal assurance that most likely the person wearing the gun
>was responsible, well that's another story.

Hence my suggestion. Any police officer or citizen could request the gun carrier's credentials, and could report any who appeared to be carrying without proper license.

Chuck Kuecker