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> It would take a second for a strong man to kill
> a weak person with bare hands. (Would you prohibit
> strong hands as a visible threat?] Without a weak
> person having a gun, they are at a mercy of any
> criminal, and have no deterrent.
> As for mass murders, one can just drive a car into a
> crowd. Now, how many people die from mass murderers?
> And how many people die from eating unhealthy food
> from MacDonalds, smoking, including secondary, etc.?
> Bearing guns is a constitutional right, and mass murders
> are probably the case of deaths number one thousand
> something. Why not take care of the top of the list
> of deaths first, especially when it doesn't violate
> anybody's constitutional rights? Just because mass
> murders sound more dangerous and look more photogenic?


The people who do these things are using the propwer tool; guns are specifically designed to be efficient at-a-distance multiple killers, and perform the function very well. They should be kept out of the hands of those most likely to use them on innocents.
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