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> << You mean that a man who ***is not free*** to kill many others at a
> distance and a moment's notice ***isn't free***? >>
That's a freedom most can do without, and that can only be exercised once and with heavy legal consequence. It does not matter. The dead are still dead, and the most grisly revenge execution will neither resurrect his victims nor deter the killers of future ones. Just tell me that Harris and Klebold feared the death penalty.
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Are the ones around the irresponsible and homicidal gunman who can lose their lives without their knowledge or consent and are in actual danger of doing so free at all, or merely unaware that they are even less than slaves, but sheep in the slaughtering pen? I, for one, do not want to live under that kind of slavery, the slavery of random violence, any more than necessary, and consider the denial of gun purchase, possession or ownersip to violent criminals, the mentally deficient and/or deranged, spouse and/or child abusers, and children to be a rational and reasonable measure to take in order to limit the exposure of the general citizenry to such a threat.