Re: Guns [was Property Rights]

Rick (
Sat, 29 May 1999 01:54:29 +0100

>> This is NOT about freedom, hell,
>> >you don't need to brand a gun to be free and I really wish people
>> >would stop making that assumption. Just because every other
>> >country in the world doesn't have teenagers killing each other
>> >every 2 weeks, it does not mean they are slaves!
> is..youre wrong..

Look up the word "slave" in your dictionary. If you can read. After someone has explained what it means, explain to me realistically how "If someone doesn't carry a gun, they are a slave".

>and yup...other countries in the world have teenagers killing each other
>too...a common in fact that it's not even news...

List some articles if it is so common. By the way, did you know Clinton and Yeltsin got together with many other world leaders and have big sex and drug orgies? Yeah, it happens all the time, thats why there is absolutely no
news coverage of it. Give me a break. SURELY, you seen my point.