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> Chuck kuecker [] wrote:
> >Perhaps in the case of a free criminal who kills an unarmed man with his
> >illegally obtained weapon. What about the man who defends his life and wins
> >against the same criminal?
> In safe, civilized gun-free Britain, they go to jail; there was a shopowner
> in Liverpool three or four years ago who got fed up with being robbed at
> gunpoint by crooks with illegal handguns so he spent $60 on an illegal
> handgun of his own and the next time an armed robber turned up the
> shopowner shot him dead. Rather than praising him for helping to reduce
> the crime rate, the cops charged him with numerous serious crimes and he
> went to jail for years.
> Such a civilized country now they've banned guns, ain't it?
> Mark
Straw-man time; I have advocated denying gun ownership to (once again, and am prepared to say 1000 times more) violent criminals, the mentally deficient and/or deranged, spouse and/or child abusers, and children. Do you see "citizen business owner" anywhere in the above list? Then why pretend that it's there, hunh?