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> On Fri, May 28, 1999 at 04:47:09AM -0700, wrote:
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> > Typical anti-gunner nonsense. The reality is, there are very few legal guns
> > in Britain, and millions (police figures) of illegal guns.
> The police have a vested interest in exaggerating the problem of illegal
> firearms, just as they have an interest in exaggerating the value of
> seized drug hauls. Last figures I heard suggested 250,000 illegal guns
> at most, and probably a lot less, in the UK.
> > Very few people
> > get shot, but lots of people get their brains bashed out of their skulls
> > with blunt objects.
> Please quantify. IIRC, the murder rate per capita in the UK is about a
> tenth of the murder rate in the USA, although for lesser crimes the
> rates are generally similar.
This looks like a cold, hard fact to me.
> If widespread gun ownership deters crime, then one would expect the USA
> to be a crime-free zone compared to the UK -- or expect the UK to have
> much higher crime levels than Switzerland.
> Note that I am _not_ trying to make a case for banning guns; I deplore the
> UK's gun control regime. However, I believe that the issues surrounding
> violence in American society are orthogonal to the widespread ownership of
> guns; there are cultural influences at work here that bear investigation.
> -- Charlie
> (in Scotland)