Re: Ritalin (was Re: Guns [was Property Rights])

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Fri, 28 May 1999 13:13:08 -0500

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From:           	James Rogers <>
Subject:        	Ritalin (was Re: Guns [was Property Rights])
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> At 07:58 AM 5/28/99 -0700, you wrote:
> >The second amendment was written long after the earth cooled, and
> >most of the 20,000 gun laws in this country violate the second
> >amendment. If your so determined, as we have pointed out you should
> >start by repealing the second amendment.
> >
> >In all the recent incidences, numerous gun laws were broken,
> >passing more won't stop them.
> >
> >It's interesting that the anti-gunners keep ignoring the fact that
> >in both the most recent serious shootings, the perps were on
> >prescription mind altering drugs.
> The connection between the shooters and Ritalin is a curious coincidence.
> Like amphetamines and other similar stimulants, Ritalin can cause
> psychosis, mental instability, and other similar problems in some people.
> Given the heavy usage of Ritalin for kids these days, I would not find it
> surprising that it is inducing dangerous mental states in some people.
> This could very possibly account for the increase in violence among kids in
> recent years. I think it would behoove the public to explore this angle a
> little bit further.
> -James Rogers
I have no problem with that, as long as its "in addition to" rather than "instead of" seeking to keep guns out of inappropriate hands.