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Anders Sandberg (
28 May 1999 19:46:34 +0200 writes:

> Anders Sandberg [] wrote:
> >What about something like Greg Egan's less cosmic stories? I think
> >"Axiomatic", "The Walk", "The Moral Virologist" or something like it
> >could make a great low-budget movie (even if it could be tricky to get
> >the point across).
> Main problem is that I'd have to buy the rights to adapt the story, which
> I almost certainly can't afford... lately I've been reading a lot of old
> copyright-expired stories to see if there's something I could adapt to a
> futuristic setting.

As Brian pointed out, Egan might be reasonable. Besides, you don't need to use any of his stories, just something in that style. What I like about the stories above is that they have no obvious special effects, are set in a near future but still raise important questions. Especially _The Walk_ shows how it could be done, even if the story is maybe too minimalistic to work as a movie on its own. But imagine something more extended based on the same idea (the possibility of modifying one's beliefs - or other's beliefs - at will); perhaps a mystery story or family drama, where the transhumanist stuff creep in slowly and unnoticeably but eventually become the main philosophical point.

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