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Brian Atkins (
Fri, 28 May 1999 10:39:26 -0400

Or maybe there would be a chance Egan would let you have the rights for free or cheap if you could show him something spectacular to convince him you'd do a good job with it?

I'm currently trying to teach myself Maya and some other packages, so maybe in the somewhat near-future it would be possible to do a 3D feature. What I find really lacking is an all-in-one motion capture rig that could really allow for virtual acting. Right now you can capture either body movements or facial movements, but not both at the same time along with audio... and the facial capture I've seen hasn't been as detailed as I would like (i.e. no eye movement capture) in order to make closeups lifelike looking. So it seems most of the animation still requires a bunch of slow hand tweaking and it still doesn't look quite right. wrote:
> Anders Sandberg [] wrote:
> >What about something like Greg Egan's less cosmic stories? I think
> >"Axiomatic", "The Walk", "The Moral Virologist" or something like it
> >could make a great low-budget movie (even if it could be tricky to get
> >the point across).
> Main problem is that I'd have to buy the rights to adapt the story, which
> I almost certainly can't afford... lately I've been reading a lot of old
> copyright-expired stories to see if there's something I could adapt to a
> futuristic setting.
> Mark

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